Business Liquidations: Need an inventory of your assets prior to liquidating? We can take all that time off your hands. We will conduct an inventory and can provide you with your model numbers, serial numbers, and photos of all your assets.

Estates: When we conduct Estate auctions, we provide line item inventories of what had been sold and what the hammer price was. This is all part of our auction accounting we provide to our clients.

Abandoned properties. There a many different reasons why you should have an inventory of items left in a home or business but one of the main reasons are that It states in the CA civil code 1988 when you do a Notice of Right to Reclaim or in the civil code 1993 a Notice of Belief of Abandonment you will need to have an inventory attached to these documents. You will also need it to create a notice of sale ad.

Many folks contact us and request an appraisal for a legal threshold for abandoned property. We believe what you are asking for is a “valuation”. We conduct inventories and valuations for abandoned properties and you can be left feeling confident that the pressure is off you.

If you are a business, bank, Fiduciary, owner and need a USPAP compliant appraisal, we are here. Current graduate of the GPPA (Graduate Personal Property Appraisal Program) through the NAA (National Auctioneers Association) and becoming USPAP compliant for years 2018-.

“If you need to expand your business, it can act as a proof of value for financing if you need to secure a loan using that equipment as collateral. It can be used as legal documentation to support an insurance claim. It helps you keep your accounting records accurate, allowing you to know at a moment’s notice what your business’ exact financial picture is, so you can move quickly to take advantage of new opportunities as they become available, giving you a competitive edge over your competition”.

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